Disposable Vaginal Speculum Large Bx/19 Welch Allyn

Item# WA59004

Product Description

Maneuverability - new wider handle provides improved ergonomics better balance and it is much easier to manipulate during exams * Superior Illumination - newly designed light pipe provides a homogeneous spot and eliminates glare back - all of the light is projected forward right where you need it * Comfortable - smooth molded acrylic will not pinch or bind tissue for greater patient comfort during the exam * Disposable - Welch Allyn s single-use speculum eliminates the time and expense of reprocessing and reduces the chance of cross-contamination * Safe and Dependable - stronger grip and the yoke is more flexible than low-cost substitutes * Compatibility - the new 590 Series KleenSpec© Vaginal Speculum is compatible with the current illumination system (#78810) as well as the new illumination system (#79910) *

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