Diabetes Care

Monoject Insulin Syringes 1/2cc 28g Bx/100
Monoject Insulin Syringes 1/2cc 29g Bx/100
Dia-Pak Deluxe Organizer
Dia-Pak DayMate  Black
D.I.  Insulin/Syringe Carry Case
Medicool Insulin Traveling Case
Dia-Pak Classic Organizer
Diabetic Socks- Medium/Large (8-10) (pair) White
Diabetic Socks- Extra Large (10-13) (pair) White
Diabetic Socks- King Size (Fits sizes 13-16) White
Diabetic Socks - Medium/Large (8-10) (pair) Black
Diabetic Socks - Extra Large (10-13) (pair) Black
Medicool Diabetic Poucho Case For Insulin Travel Single Pen
Pen Plus Diabetic Supply Case For Travel
Lancets  Softclix  Accu-Chek Bx/100
Insta-Glucose- 31 Gram Tube
Accu-Chek Active Strips  Bx/50
Monolet Style Lancets Bx/100 Twist Top  28G
Pressure Activated Lancets 26g 1.8mm Yellow (Bx/100)
Pressure Activated Lancets 21g 2.2mm Orange (Bx/100)
Pressure Activated Lancets 21g 2.8mm Pink (Bx/100)
Multistix- 10 Sg (mfg#2161) Bx/100
Prodigy Pocket Meter Kit Black
Prodigy Pocket Meter Kit Blue
Prodigy AutoCode Talking Meter Kit
Prodigy Voice Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Prodigy Preferred Blood Glucose No Coding Strips Bx/50
Diabetic Socks  Seamfree Large  White
Diabetic Socks  Seamless Medium  White
Diabetic Socks  Seamfree Small  White
Diabetic Socks  Seamfree Large  Black
Diabetic Socks  Seamfree Medium  Black
Diabetic Socks  Seamless Small  Black
Stretch Socks  Large  pair
Stretch Socks  Medium  pair
Stretch Socks  Extra Lge  pair
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