Physician Supplies - Diagnostics

Ear Speculum  2.5mm  Pk/100 Disposable  Black
Ear Speculum  4.0mm  Pk/100 Disposable  Black
Disposable Specula 2.5 1000/pk for Duro-med Otoscope
Lens Paper Booklet (Each) (50 sheets)
Microscope Slides- Plain Pk/72
Microscope Slides- 1/4 Frosted Pk/72
Penlight Reuseable
Penlight Disposable Bx/6
Ophthalmoscope Head only for Standard and Complete Sets
ECG Caliper
Diagnostic Set Deluxe In Fitted Case
Penlight METALITE Reuseable
Penlight METALITE Reusable Retail Packaging
Specula  Disposable  2.75mm Pk/850
Otoscope Specula  2.5mm  each  for use with ADC5211
Otoscope Specula  3.5mm  each  for use with ADC5211
Otoscope Specula  4.5mm  each  for use with ADC5211
Binocular Microscope w/Infinit Plan Achromat Obj.(#3000LED)
Binocular Microscope w/Slider Phase Set 10x 40xR(3000LEDSPH)
Student Monocular Microscope Inclined w/Fluorescent  Illum.
Cardiovit AT-1 ECG Machine With Interpretation-3 Channel
Fetal Dopplex  I + (With Fixed 2 mHz Transducer)
Fetal Dopplex II (Choose Transducer)
Replacement Bulb for G353 Otoscope
Penlight Otoscope Economy-Aural/Nasal
LifeDop Doppler w/5MHz  Probe
LifeDop Doppler Tabletop Model w/Choice of one Probe
Extra Transducer 2 MHz For FD2  MD2  SD2 & D900
Extra Transducer for FD2 MD2 SD2 + D900 3Mhz
Extra Transducer For  FD2- MD2  SD2 & D900 10 Mhz
Extra Transducer For  FD2- MD2  SD2 & D900 4mhz
Transducer For  FD2- MD2 SD2 & D900 5mhz
Extra Transducers For  FD2- MD2  SD2 & D900 8mhz
2.5v Vacuum Lamp (Small) WA#00200
2.5v Vacuum Lamp WA#01300
3.5v Halogen Lamp WA03000
3.5v Halogen Lamp WA03100
2.5v Halogen Lamp WA03400
Welch Allyn Coaxial Replacement Bulb
Vacuum Lamp 6 Volt (07800-U)
Ophthalmoscope Head- 3.5v Standard
3.5v Coaxial Ophthalmoscope (Head Only)
3.5v AutoStep┌ Coaxial Ophthalmoscope Head Only
Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope
3.5v Diagnostc Otoscope/ Throat Illuminat-Head Only
3.5v Pneumatic Otoscope Head
Pocket Scope Otoscope Head Only
Insufflator Bulb- Tube & Tip
3.5v Operating Otoscope Head
Reusable Speculum 4mm Each
Pocketscope Otoscope W/ AA Handle
Insufflation Bulb/Tip for MacroView Otoscope
WA Macro-View Otoscope Head w/Throat Illuminator
3.5v Diagnostic Otoscope- Halogen w/o Throat Illuminator
Kleenspec Specula Dispensr-For 521 Series Specul
KleenSpec┌ Disposable Otoscope Specula  3 mm  Bag/500
KleenSpec┌ Disposable Otoscope Specula 4mm  Bag/500
Kleenspec Disp Otoscope Spec Oper/Pneumatic-5mm Bag 500
Kleenspec Specula Dispensr-For 524 Series Specul
Kleenspec Disp Otoscpe 2.75mm Specula-Diagnostic-Bx/850
Kleenspec Disp Otoscpe-4.25mm Specula-Diagnostic-Bx/850
KleenSpec┌ Disposable Bx/25 Sigmoidoscope with Obturator
Rechargeable Handle 3.5V (fits all WA 3.5v Heads)71000A
Desk Charger w/ Two Handles
2.5v Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Battery (Red)
Replacement NiCad Rechargeable Battery (Black) 3.5 Volt
Ni-Cad Rechargeable Battery (Orange) for WA71000A
Penlite Welch Allyn Professional
767 Wall Transformer W/ Clock & Temp- Heads Not Included
Integrated Diagnostic System w/ Therm+11710+25020(76791-MX)
ECG Paper  8.5 x11   Z-Fold 150 Sheets/Pack  8 Packs/Case
WA Std Diagnostic Set 3.5 Volt Otoscope & Ophthalmascope
WA Coaxial Ophth/Oto Set 3.5V
Coaxial Diagnostic Set w/Lithium Ion Handle
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