Synchro Pulse Hi-Volt Muscle Stimulator

Synchro Pulse Hi-Volt Muscle Stimulator
Item# HV752

Product Description

A dual channel high volt pulsed DC stimulator * The SynchroPulse HV752 is ideal for muscle rehabilitation prevention of muscle atrophy pain management and edema reduction * The sophisticated circuitry of the SynchroPulse HV752 provides dual channel stimulator output with dual indicator meters and dual intensity controls * The practitioner can precisely manage treatment with a selectable frequency range selectable independent on/off surge duration and selectable pulse width * The SynchroPulse HV752 stimulator produces pulsation tetanize surge and reciprocal output * The additional benefit of bipolar application eliminates the need for a single large dispersive electrode * Designed to promote patient assurance the patient controlled treatment stop switch allows the patient to discontinue stimulator output at the press of a button * Combination Therapy * The electrical muscle stimulation of the SynchroPulse HV752 may be applied separately or may be combined with ultrasound simultaneously through the ultrasound transducer using an external Amrex SynchroSonic© U/50 *

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