Bravo Nasal Pillows Interface

Bravo Nasal Pillows Interface
Item# BRV600

Product Description

The Bravo is a unique development in nasal pillow interfaces designed to promote patient comfort allow for a clear field of vision and provide the patient multiple wearing options * The Bravo features the versatility of interchangeable nasal pillows and Adaptive-Flow technology resulting in an extremely quiet sleep experience * The unprecedented Active-Swivel feature allows for multiple wearing positions resulting in the highest level of patient comfort * 100% latex free * Adaptive-Flow technology facilitates ultra quiet operation at high pressures * Multiple wearing options to match the patients sleep positioning and allows the patient to wear glasses * No forehead or overhead contact with limited points of contact on face and no air leaks near eyes * One package contains all of the components required to properly size the patient eliminating the hassle and waste of opening multiple products to properly fit the patient * Interchangeable nasal pillow inserts can be mixed matched and cut to fit each nostril independently * Nasal pillows designed to insert into the nostrils at an angle for a more natural and comfortable fit * Ergonomic reservoir design contoured to best fit facial profile * Four point adjustable head gear provides an optimal seal and increased support * Sturdy headgear can be applied to head and removed without undoing any straps which provides a consistent fit *

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