Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Cream Nourishing & Lifting Concentrate from Japan

Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Cream Nourishing & Lifting Concentrate from Japan
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Product Description

Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Cream

Nourishing and Lifting Concentrate from Japan

Contains German patent five peptide components and many other active ingredients, including Beta-Glucan, Scutellaria extract, squalane, lecithin, vitamin E and seaweed extracts. It smoothes fine lines around the eyes, mouth, forehead and neck so that skin regains its elasticity and vitality.

Main Ingredients

German patent five peptide formulations - clinically proven to significantly reduce the number and appearance of wrinkles. It also promotes the proliferation of collagen to help prevent skin from aging, making skin smooth.

Beta-Glucan - Enhance skin's vitality and help to promote metabolism. Help prevent skin from aging, leaving skin healthy.

Scutellaria extract - Very popular in skin care products sector, soothe sensitive skin. It also helps brighten overall skin tone, anti-aging.

Seaweed extract - Firm skin, anti-aging and improve the dullness around eye contour.

Squalane - Anti-aging, repair skin.

Lecithine - Nourish, repair.

Vitamin E - Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.

Coltsfoot Leaves - Contains carbohydrates and lipids. In addition to hydrating the skin, the organic acids also help exfoliate the surface layer of the skin.

Yello Gentian Extract - Skin-firming ingredient.

Newly developed high-Permetide complex - Can effectively reduce and calm swelling.

Centella Asiatica extract - Effective synthesis of collagen and tropical plant extracts, while helping with skin's circulation.

Hyaluronic acid - Hydrates skin, making skin firm, elastic, smooth and soft.

Plant extracts - Eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, add nutrients and water while increasing skin's metabolism, strengthen and tone skin.

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