Digger Dog Nebulizer Compressor

Digger Dog Nebulizer Compressor
Item# 4453

Product Description

Includes: Nebulizer * Dog house tote bag * 7' air tubing * Angled mouthpiece * Child mask * 5 air filters * White * Detailed guidebook in English & Spanish * Rx Item--Available by Prescription Only * Created especially to appeal to children of all ages * At school home or soccer practice Digger Dog will ease any childÊs fear or embarrassment of respiratory treatment * Captivate your youngest consumers with medication delivery in a fun way from a faithful dog * Canvas dog house safely totes digger dog and accessories * Lightweight and portable * Particle size range: 0.5 to 10 microns * Compressor Pressure: 29-43 psi (200-300 KPa/2.0-3.0 bar) * Compressor Flow: 6 - 8 lpm 5-Year Warranty * Latex Free

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