Deluxe Low Air Loss Mattress & A.P.P. System 80 x 36 x 5

Item# 1810C

Product Description

5 deep * Mattress can be used as static or alternating pressure device * Ideal for use in nursing homes hospitals and home use * LED and audible alarm activates when pressure falls below 10 mmHg * Cell in a Cell design prevents the mattress from bottoming on the bed in the event of a power failure * High volume pump produces 8 liters of air per minute * Mattress has 20 air cells 9 with micro laser holes * Constructed with quilting nylon/PU coating and stretch nylon with removable zippered cover * Pressure range: 30-60 mmHg * Cycle time: 10 minutes * Mattress Dimensions: 80 x 36 x 8 (inflated) * CMR emergency valve provides fast release of air * Water resistant permeable cover * 1 year warranty

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