Jobst Vairox W/Zipper 30-40 Knee-Hi O/T Small A Short

Jobst Vairox W/Zipper 30-40 Knee-Hi O/T Small A  Short
Item# 114471

Product Description

30-40mmHg Knee High (open toe w/Zipper) * Small A * Ankle Circ. 7 - 9 * Calf Circ. 11 - 14 * Under 16 Long * 30-40 mmHg * Designed to provide extra firm compression to help control severe indications * Available in knee and thigh high styles and also a knee high with a zipper style for easier donning * For a more precise fit Vairox offers long and short options as well as a variety of calf and thigh sizes * Features and Benefits: * Precise fit * Gradient compression * Durable * For indications requiring extra firm compression * Zippered style * Available color: Beige * Indications * Severe vairicosities severe edema lymphatic edema management of active venous ulcerations manage manifestations of PTS CVD/CVI helps prevent post-thrombotic syndrome orthostatic hypotension post surgical and post sclerotherapy *

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