Web Slide Deluxe Stainless

Web Slide Deluxe Stainless
Item# 10117D

Product Description

The Web-Slide© Exercise Rail System organizes your clinic and streamlines patient training sessions * Improve clinic to home transitions patient compliance and your productivity * The Web-Slide Deluxe Assortment include the following: A. Exercise Rails--three 6 x 28 stainless steel rail sections each with 5 anchor points. Mount them individually for separate exercise stations or create a single 7' tall station. B Storage Rack-- One 24 stainless steel rack with 16 positions to store an organize the systems exercise equipment and Exercise Prescription Pads C Exercise Equipment--Four basic exercise devices and 2 accessory items (14 pieces total) *Home Ranger Original Shoulder Pulley *The Rope Assisted Stretching Device *ExerBand Bilateral Tubes 5 pieces--1 of each resistance *ExerBand 3' Unilateral Tubes 5 pieces--1 of each resistance *Extremity Strap--anchors tubing comfortably to ankle or wrist for extremity exercises *ExerBand Fitness Bar--attach tubing on each end for additional exercise options D) Exercise Instructional Materials *4 Wall Posters for tubing exercises shoulder exercises stretching exercises and exercises with the Fitness Bar *6 Exercise Prescription Pads. Exercise photos duplicate those show on the wall posters. Pads for Shoulder Hip/Knee Trunk Elbow/wrist/ankle shoulder pulley exercises and stretching exercises

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